Monday, March 14, 2016

Katie's bike is coming together

Katie's bike is finally coming together. All the major components are installed. Now to install the chain and brake and derailleur cables. Still waiting for some cable guides and clamps. A couple of earlier posts on this build: Katie's bike -- part 2 and Katie's bike.

These are some of the new generation of light weight, high air volume, and supple side wall tires. Fast riding and comfortable. Compass is in Seattle and the owner, Jan Heine, names his tires after gravel road passes in the Cascades. Here is his blog and Compass Bicycles.

The rear derailleur is on and ready for the chain and cable.

Front brake. 

Rear brake.

The handle bar will be wrapped with bar tape. That will be the last thing to do.

Brake lever and thumb shifter.

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