Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Katie's bike

Another bike project I'm working on is a bike for my daughter, Katie. This is a bike she rode as a teen. She got another bike and I took this back in 2004 to make a fixie out of it.

The picture is from an old blog post when screens were 600 pixels wide. It seemed much bigger then. We used dial-up then. Back in the olden days. 

It's a 1977 Nishiki Olympic. It's a nice riding frame. I stripped all the paint off it and had painted the forks when life got in the way. It was put in storage until recently when she said she wanted a bike and I still had that old frame.

Here it is as it came from the storage unit. I stripped the fork. Hit the metal with 600 grit wet sandpaper, then polished it and finished it off with two coats of Butchers Bowling Alley Wax. We decided to keep it bare metal. I like the look of the work marks and brazing that gets hidden with paint. If the wax wears off then just apply some more.

Here is the frame with the headset and fork installed ready to add a box loads of parts on to it.

Next is the bottom bracket, crankset, front and rear derailleurs, seat post, seat, stem adapter, and pedals.

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