Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Schwinn Typhoon Mark III a multipurpose bike

My Schwinn has gone through some changes since last year's Seattle to Portland ride. Here is a post of it in last year's configuration. Here are pictures of it now. Adding the new bars gives me more riding positions and the porteur rack let's me carry all sorts of stuff. Here it is being loaded with a box of bubble packs to drop off at the shop.

On a training ride for this year's Seattle to Portland I have the handlebar bag for snacks.

The addition of a porteur bag on the rack lets me carry up to 30 pounds of groceries.

I put on the fork with the cantilever brakes which work very well. It's been a wet winter and the fenders are a must. I changed the drive train. The idler pulley just wasn't working to I removed that. While my flat gear is still fixed I changed my hill climbing gear to a single speed freewheel. That makes going downhill easier. The bike is much more usable. The last thing I need to do is add a rear brake. It will be a little tricky since the bike was never meant to have a rear caliper brake but I think I have the parts to make it work.

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