Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mount Rainier interlude on the way to buy cat food.

It's been tough getting miles on this winter. There has been more rain and a lot more wind than there was last winter. Riding in 20 mph plus winds means short rides. It's brutal. So I'm a little behind on mileage getting ready for the Seattle to Portland ride. But maybe Spring is near! The last couple of days has been beautiful with only a 10 mph breeze. I had to pick up some cat food in Bayview today so I did a little side trip to Double Bluff to get extra miles and a view. You can see Mount Ranier on the horizon. 20 hilly miles brings my year total to 330 miles. I did 31 miles around Crockett Lake yesterday and I will get another 31 this weekend. Zoe and I might do a tandem excursion tomorrow.

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