Sunday, April 10, 2016

Katie's bike can shift - mostly

This afternoon I played bike mechanic. I adjusted the shifter on Zoe's bike and then attacked Katie's bike. The chain is on and the rear shifter is shifting correctly. Still some more adjusting to do on the front shifter.

What took the time was the pesky cable guide under the bottom bracket. These old frames don't have a threaded hole to attach it to. I tried to epoxy it but that didn't work so off to Ace Hardware for a drill and tap. Off came the cranks and bottom bracket. A hole was drilled and tapped and the cable guide is now attached properly. Then back on with the bottom bracket and cranks. You can seen the three chain rings in this shot.

The bar tape on my Schwinn Typhoon was beginning to look lackluster so I put another couple of coats of clear shellac on it and it's like new again. This is the first bike I've ridden with cotton bar tape with shellac. It's working out very well. I still need to do this to Katie's bike. My Schwinn has red wrap on the ends. Her bike will have a raspberry wraps with black cotton bar tape.

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