Saturday, July 30, 2016

Two Schwinns

Went out for my first ride since the STP. Only 5 laps around Crockett Lane on my fixed gear Schwinn. I had moved many parts from my fixed gear Schwinn to my 16 speed Schwinn. I wasn't sure what to do next with the fixed gear Schwinn. I raided some boxes of bike parts, bought a new seat post and have made the fixed gear bike a minimalist bike. I like it that way. I carry tools, tire pump, and food in a messenger bag.

Compare this to the last time I rode it. And here is the 16 speed Schwinn as I rode it in the STP:

The two bikes have identical frames, fork, stem and handlebar. Same rims and front hubs. I did a series of pictures of the 16 speed Schwinn that I am working on posting as well as pictures from the STP. 

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