Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2,000 miles. 9 days 7 hours.

2,000 miles for the year and 9 days, 7 hours, until the start of the 2016 Seattle to Portland bike ride.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for a 20 mile hilly ride out to Bayview and back to Honeymoon Lake. Here I am at Double Bluff. The bike is pretty much ready. Fenders attached and new brake pads that help a lot. A few little things to tighten up. The training schedule calls for a 50 miler and a 30 miler this weekend with a 20 miler mid week next week. Then the STP. Now I am starting to get things together to pack. We get two bags (under 20 pounds each) that will be carried by truck for us to Centralia and then on to Portland. I will be carrying a messenger bag on the front rack for a warm shirt or rain gear if needed. The long term forecast looks good. Sunny and in the 70s. Perfect! I hope it doesn't get into the 80s.

And we got the boat launched!

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