Friday, June 24, 2016

A new Bernie bike hits the road

32 miles today on the Schwinn Typhoon Mark IV. First ride. Looks a lot like the last Bernie bike but the last one had two gears. This one has 16. Or it did until the front derailleur cable stop failed early in the ride and left me with 8 gears. Still an improvement. It's a different but identical frame. The pedals, seat, seat post, front rack, handle bar bag, bottle cages, and saddle bag were on the old Bernie bike. The bigger tires made it smoother and faster. Fenders are on the way.

I did find another cable stop for the front derailleur. It was originally the down tube stop on my Raleigh International super commuter and then it went on the Nishiki Olympic that Katie has now. Unfortunately I didn't have any spare shift cables. Lots of spare brake cables but they didn't help. I need to keep spares on hand.

Tomorrow I ride 100 miles. I will need an early start.

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