Monday, May 30, 2016

Schwinn Typhoon Mark IV - front wheel

The front wheel is done.

The wheel is done and the tire is mounted. The fork isn't raked like that. There isn't a rear wheel on it and the rear dropouts are on the deck. I'm real happy with the wheel came out. The tire is a Compass Rat Trap Pass 2.3"x26" tire. If you thought a big tire like that has to be heavy and slow you would be wrong. It weighs the same as the 2"x26" Schwalbe Kojaks that I'm riding now.

This my front Kojak. The Kojack has supple sidewalls which make it fast and comfy. The Rat Trap Pass will be even more so. The Kojaks were a lot faster than the 1.3"x26" Continental Sport Contacts I rode the Seattle to Portland on last year. Part of it is I ran 70psi in the Sport Contacts, 45psi in the Kojaks and probably 40psi in the Rat Trap Pass tires. High volume, low pressure, and supple side walls.

This is the Sport Contact last year. It weighs the same as the Kojak and the Rat Trap Pass. It doesn't have supple sidewalls.

I have the spokes prepped for the rear wheel. Next is to lace that up.

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